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Welcome to the match review between Argentina and Bolivia. In very very difficult conditions Argentina has found a way to get the job done in the world cup qualifiers. So far they're two from two maximum points and tonight's game it was hard-fought, it wasn't easy, it wasn't so pleasing on the eye at all times.

 But let me tell you now this is a massive win for Argentina and in this article, I’m going to explain why along with everything that happened. So sit back relax and let's get to it because Argentina coming into this game lined up there pretty much. The same as they did in that win just a few days ago against Ecuador with Lionel Scaloni there making just the one change to their team replacing Acuna in midfield with Palacios who came into the starting lineup and Argentina coming into this game.

I think we're fearful of what was about to come heading to Bolivia because you may say looking from the outside there maybe you didn't watch that night’s game and that would be understandable maybe you're not aware of the conditions that Argentina was playing that night. You may be saying they're looking at the results why are we saying that Argentina’s win against a team in Bolivia who just a few days ago lost five goals to nil to brazil why is this win impressively. Well, I’ll tell you now because that night game came live from stadi Hernando siles from la Paz in Bolivia.

Now let me tell you now that stadium right there is nearly 12 000 feet above sea level what that means is it's one of the highest stadiums in the entire world and in terms of altitude that makes playing, playing conditions so difficult so so difficult and unique and it's so bad there that on many occasions over the past few years FIFA has banned games from taking place from that stadium because of the altitude and because they're at the difficulty. You'll have in breathing now Bolivia, they're used to it and you can see that based on their results because when you combine their results from the world cup qualifiers in 2006, 2010, 2014 and the 2018 world cup qualifiers Bolivia there registered 14 home wins and 10 draws away from home zero wins.

 That's the kind of edge they can have by playing at this kind of altitude playing in these conditions and even teams like brazil in the past there have come to the stadium complained there about the conditions about the altitude. Neymar and the pastors come here and he said it was inhumane to play in these sorts of conditions posting a picture there in the dressing room after the game with the entire team on oxygen that's how tough it is? and that's why that night  Argentina going a goal down but bouncing back and finding a way to win?

 It's a big result because early on there were certainly warning signs and I still do have caution there about Armani in goal for Argentina it was pretty early on in the game there was a cross that came into the box quite clearly, he was never going to get it but still, he comes running out of his goal. They're trying to go and catch the cross he gets nowhere near it and it was a big warning sign there as Bolivia headed just wide and it was there Martinez Moreno who did head it wide on that occasion. But not long later it didn't take bill of the along to punish Argentina for real 24 minutes gone it's the full back there down the left-hand side of Bolivia.

He's waiting I feel for the overlap it doesn't materialize but he has so much space to just whip that ball in unmarked in the box. Once again Martin's Moreno gets his header this time on target Armani cannot keep it out and this time Bolivia did take the lead and I would question there why Argentina don't want to use Emiliano Martinez he's been brilliant in the premier league last season with arsenal this season now with Aston Villa.

Why are they still sticking there with Armani in goal but I’ve got to say it was a really important half from Argentina to hit back and they didn't have a good first half to be fair. It was struggling there to get the passes going to get their flow, going in the conditions you can see the players there very heavy breathing right the way through the game. Paradis had several shots right throughout that first star from long range, he was unlucky and especially there midway through the first half Messi there laying a pass off to him. Paredes hits one he hits it the first time there it cannons off the post.

 what a hit it was from Paredes so so close to getting the equalizer but just before half time and it was a crucial goal. I feel in this game and for Argentina, they did get level they did get that all-important equalizing goal and you've got to say it was incredibly lucky.

But what I would also say is? well done to Lotaro Martinez who never gave up he kept on pushing there right up until he was forcing that mistake for the goal and he's hurrying Bolivia.

He's trying to force that mistake it's not a pretty goal. It's cleared into him and it ends up in the net.  If rick is saying around the box there it's not pretty at all. But you can see from the reaction thereof Lataro Martinez scoring that important goal and then Leonel scaloni, who charges Mourinho style halfway up the pitch.

There onto the field and he's grabbing lotaro celebrating there an equalizer and then you understand how much this game means how much in terms of attitude commitment and understanding of what Argentina here. Putting together a few wins could do for confidence and certainly in the second half.

 I think Argentina improved there were a few subs of course that came on fresh legs which Argentina desperately needed one of those subs there was whacking Carrere who is in really good form last season for Lazio in Italy. I think certainly, Argentina did step it up there especially the final 20 15 minutes or so there was a brilliant move down the right-hand side to missy. He took on one,  he took on two he plays it brilliantly. Thereinto the path of lataro who was lively there looking for a chance and to be fair.

He should score, he should put that shot there it's a brilliant passer. Messi perfectly weighted for him he should put it low and hard into the bottom corner instead. Though he lashes at it he hits it with a lot of power but it's a nice hike for the goalkeeper there it's a very very good save.

But it is a nice hype that he can reach out there and tip it around the post and that looked as though it was going to be a costly miss for Argentina, but just 10 minutes from the end.

For me a massive goal and this is a testament to the whole team and this is the difference that I’m seeing right now from Argentina because yes again today it wasn't so pretty just as it wasn't against Ecuador but you can actually go far in tournaments by not being so pretty providing there you play as a team, and you work hard, and you have that unity, and Argentina even despite the altitude the difficult conditions breathing was tough pressing was so so difficult but even in those final 10 minutes, they were still hurrying Bolivia they were still trying to force that mistake just like they did for the first goal. They got their reward because as they were pressing their Messi, two was involved lutaro Carrera in that front line Bolivia try and keep the ball inside the pitch.

They try and avoid the throw, but in doing so they give the ball to Messi, Messi there picks out the taro well, letaro then spins plays it into Correa who's in a bit of space and a wonderful finish is a top draw strike.

I thought our camp boss against Ecuador was the difference maker very good aside from Messi. Of course, and in this game Correa popping up with a massive goal for Argentina again.

The celebrations you can see what it means and there was a long loan check an agonizing wait for Argentina. In terms of whether the goal was, actually going to be given there was suspicion, thereof offside as Messi plays that pastor lataro but he was clearly on it took a long long time for the goal to be given.

But eventually, it was Argentina despite seven minutes of added time they hung on for the win, and like I  say that is huge for them.

In terms of the standings as of right now, as we're reading this review, Argentina there on two matches played, and like I say, they have taken maximum points from those games six out of six. There winning against Ecuador and winning against Bolivia.

what you've got to come now over the next international break which is going to be coming in November?  Argentina is going to face Paraguay at home and Peru away before.

Of course, then it's Uruguay and brazil up next Argentina no doubt about it have some big and difficult games to come where they are gonna need to play a lot better. But at the same time as I said in the last batch review you've got to get the points on the board you've got to get the ball rolling get that momentum coming and certainly in this match Leonel scaloni, you could see it he was so happy that they hung in there found a way to win and in these conditions knowing how difficult it can be at altitude.

Well done to them, so please do let me know your thoughts in the comments down below guys what did you make of Argentina’s performance here against Bolivia what did you like from this what would you like to see them improve in the coming games.

They do have to come in these qualifiers and of course, elsewhere, there have been some very very exciting games next too with Uruguay and Ecuador playing a brilliant game with Ecuador.

Coming out on top in that, one a surprise win in some ways for the Ecuadorians let me know your thoughts all down below guys I hope you enjoyed this article and we are getting close now to the end of this international break. I will see you soon with plenty more articles to come but until next time as always


  ARGENTINA VS BOLIVIA Welcome to the match review between Argentina and Bolivia. In very very difficult conditions Argentina has found a ...